Treats Island, Parmachenee Lake, Me. 04970


A sportsperson’s and outdoor enthusiasts dream come true with this listing!! Treat’s Island on Parmachenee Lake is for sale with 5 camps! Located in Maine’s northwest corner, is Parmachenee Lake first discovered by the Abenaki in their birch bark canoes. John Danforth had a dream to create a hunting/fishing lodge on Parmachenee Lake to share the excitement of the large white tail deer, and the 2lb+ brook trout. Danforth constructed the floating Camp Caribou, which later was docked on Treat’s Island. Camp Caribou became Parmachenee Club and President Eisenhower frequently stayed here. This is the home of the Parmachenee Belle fly, and Little Boy Falls on the Magalloway River. Rare opportunity to not only purchase history, but to surround yourself with the call of the loon echoed across the lake, and to tell a tale about the huge salmon or trout that got away. This gated wilderness is available to the right, lucky new owner.

MLS 1552162 | Elizabeth Walker-Feeney (

Contact Liz Walker-Feeney 207-751-2028 or

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