2013 Parmachenee Road, Lynchtown Twp, ME 03579


These elite, multi-generational sporting camps are being offered for sale. Once you show up at Bosebuck Mountain Camps there is a rushing feeling of tranquility. From the historic gardens lined with rose bushes over 100 yrs. old, to the Loons melody heard from across the lake, the endless species of birds that visit the property, and the stargazing that makes you feel so tiny, these camps are timeless!! There’s 100 feet of dock centrally located on 1200ft of waterfront, so that all of the sports have room to dock their kayaks, boats, or planes. The lake is plumb full of native brook trout and salmon. The 15 acres surrounding the property is home to moose, deer, bear, lynx, bobcat, partridge, and other Maine animals. The camps are currently being run by the owners with year round access for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and outdoor recreation….it isn’t unusual to run into a celebrity or 2 when visiting the camps. The full stainless kitchen serves 3 meals a day, with guiding service available with reservations. Being included in the sale is the POS system, reservation system, all websites, guest books, and all appliances. This is a premier location at the North end of Aziscohos Lake, sheltered from the wind. 12 guest cabins, a main lodge, owner lodging, and staff lodging. Are you looking for your own Maine sporting camps, or a place to call home in the middle of nowhere?

MLS 1551530 | Elizabeth Walker-Feeney (flexmls.com)

Contact Liz Walker-Feeney at 207-751-2028 or buyloaf@kw.com

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